Making your own baby food is something many parents dream about before their little one arrives. Some parents enjoy making all their babe’s purees and snacks from scratch while others switch over to premade food pretty quickly. I made the first few foods for all 3 of our kids from scratch and then switched to […]

I can so clearly remember sitting down to make my first baby registry as a 3rd year family medicine resident. I was months from being a fully boarded ‘expert’ in family wellness. My nieces and nephews already numbered in the dozens. What I thought would be a fun wishlist adventure devolved into a tear-stained stress-fest […]

Happy International Family Fun Month! We are going to be featuring lots of ways to enhance fun as a new family this month and to start, we’re talking play-spaces for babies. WHY IT MATTERS Do babies even need this stuff?? Certainly not at first. All newborns need for play are snuggles, a face to talk […]