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Village offers a system for comprehensive family support.

Why Hire Village?

Preconception & Planning

Village Support includes:



Early Childhood

Manager & Workplace Support

➔ Fertility planning including support for egg freezing
➔ Optimizing fertility and conception
➔ Evidence based household detoxification
➔ Support in arranging alternative parenthood models 
    including adoption, sperm donor and surrogacy
➔ Emotional support

Services Available Preconception:

➔ Symptom management and emotional support
➔ Workplace accommodations
➔ Planning your registry and nursery
➔ Support for loss
➔ Planning for safe travel
➔ Parenthood coaching including arranging birth classes,
     infant CPR and birth support providers
➔ Help budgeting for baby and legal planning
➔ Birth and postpartum preparation advice

Services Available in Pregnancy:

➔ Leave planning
➔ What to expect
➔ Smoothing transitions out and back
➔ Working with different family dynamics
➔ Setting up workplace accommodations

Services Available for Managers:

Full Service Package

Personalized Parenting Plan with important to-do items outlined by dates.

Active team outreach to check in at critical junctures and transitions

Unlimited text support during business hours, email support daily including weekends

2 in-person consultations for registry and nursery set up

Support for both partners

Limited Package

Personalized Parenting Plan with important to-do items outlined by dates.

Email support on weekdays, text support during business hours on weekdays

Support for both partners 

Custom packages

Custom packages are available upon request.