Becoming a parent in the modern world has become exponentially more complicated than yesteryear. There are tons of resources with information about fertility, nutrition, exercise, medical care options, birth planning, newborn care, and the many other facets of parenthood you face. For some people, the process of learning how to be the best parent you can be is a challenge they enjoy. For others, they would much rather spend their time on other things than on Google searches and online reviews. That’s where we come in: two experienced, professional moms who can distill the oceans of information into an easy to digest trickle. We will refer you to the right professionals for you, for your family, for your health and circumstance to make sure your parenthood journey is as joy-filled and stress-free as possible. 

What is a Baby Planner?

Our company is based in Salt Lake City. If you are in the greater Salt Lake Area, there are some services we may provide in person. Most of our relationship will be remote, we will talk via phone, text or video chat and refer you to the appropriate professionals in your local area. For example, we will help you find the right pregnancy care provider or lactation consultant in your area who will provide in person services.

Will you be helping me in person?

Nope! We can help you find the right health care providers for your health and preferences, but we do not provide any direct medical services. We may help you find the answers to some basic questions, but this does not ever replace or supercede the advice of your own health care provider. 

Are you going to be my doctor?

We support you! We are here to help you navigate and support you in all paths to parenthood.

What if I’m in a non-traditional couple?

Great question, number one, your health care provider’s advice ALWAYS is the final word in what is right for your health. We will not be providing your medical care. What we offer is a much more comprehensive support than most doctors or midwives are able to provide. We are here to help with not only giving information about basic nutrition, exercise, vitamin and symptom management, but also arranging all the lifestyle changes that go along with parenthood. We can help you plan maternity leave, setting up your registry and nursery, arranging childcare, legal and financial planning for parenthood and more. 

How is this different from what my doctor can tell me?