We aim to empower families to have more joy, confidence and knowledge as they become parents. We foster strong connections and guidance with our services, curated to each unique family style. Our goal is that parents have the most healthy, beautiful and high functioning parenthood adventure possible. 

our team


Michelle Regner fully understands the balance of being equally successful at home and at work. While raising three super active young boys, she has also launched many start-ups as founder and CEO within the past 15 years.

Michelle has been featured in Fast Company and other publications for her work as an executive in business technology.

Her first startup was an online payment processing company. She is also the founder of Desksnear.me, which she developed when she realized the need for a workspace for those with a mobile workforce. Additionally, she is the founder of Near Me, the first marketplace software powering the sharing economy.

Michelle enjoys to challenge herself with fitness and nutrition. She loves to do outdoor activities with her family and her hobbies include cooking for her family and travelling.

Michelle keeps current on all parenting trends. Her mission with Village is to help all parents navigate parenthood and their careers with ease and confidence.


Dr. Annie Ray, MD, FAAFP is a board certified family medicine physician specializing in the health of young families.

She comes from a big (ok, crazy big) family and has 3 children herself which helps her combine the evidence-based knowledge from reading the latest research with practical know-how. Women’s health, prenatal care, birth support, and helping parents raise happy children are her passion and led to the creation of this company.

Her hobbies include yoga, trying new recipes, reading mommy blogs and product reviews and gushing over pregnant bellies and new babies.

Her dream is to better help people with all aspects of parenthood - not just the basics of healthcare - so that you can feel supported, relaxed and joyful through this incredible life transition.