Upgrading Your Nursery Safety…and Style!

September 4, 2019

Why It Matters

It’s National Baby Safety Month! We wanted to start by highlighting a safe and stylish nursery.

Most parents-to-be set up their nursery before the baby arrives. You have weeks or even months to arrange everything just so. It’s easy to get sucked into trendy products that are oh-so-cute and not think about the safety behind them before your sweet babe is there. Once they get there, however, that tiny human’s safety is going to be arguably the most important thing in your life. Getting a nursery set up that is both safe and stylish (and let’s go for functional too!) will save you stress and headaches later.


Baby cribs have come a long way when it comes to both safety¬†and style. The accessories situation, however is another story. It seems like your options are a prison-like bare crib or risk baby’s safety with accessories, what’s a parent to do? Well for starters, you can go for a super cute crib sheet to spice things up. Here are a few we love:

Organic Sea Creatures Crib Sheet by Crate and Kids

Cotton Muslin Fitted Crib Sheet in Peach Rose by Spearmint Baby











Bumpers are not safe and should not be used. However, BreathableBaby does make a breathable version that lowers suffocation risk but can hold in pacifiers and keep arms and legs from sticking through crib slats. They have a few cute designs (though we would be super excited if a designer took on upgrading these to even cuter patterns, *ahem* Aden and Anais).

Fluffy toys, blankets and pillows are similarly out other than for staged photos, but your baby can rock a super cute sleep sack like this one. That handmade heirloom blanket from grandma? Throw it over the back of the glider chair instead.


New babies don’t need a whole lot of storage, but as toddler toys and kid activities pile up, you’ll want it. Instead of expanding later, it’s more efficient to get a great storage shelf at the beginning. However, you MUST wall mount it according to the directions. If you don’t know how, hire a handy-person to do it for you. Even if you’re not in an earthquake zone, your toddler will, 100% for sure, try to climb that piece of furniture. You also will not remember to wall mount it later – it’s never too early, only too late on this kind of thing.


Pottery Barn Roman Shades with Coordinated Curtains

First things first, if you have a window that is over 6 feet up from the ground outside, you must have a safety latch installed that is childproof. Window coverings should be full blackout (that is, if you ever want your kid to take naps or sleep past 6am) and have no dangling cords (strangulation risk). Cordless classic rollout shades like these or these are a good budget option. Then, install blackout curtains (these rated the best with strobe light testing) with a decorative (and very well mounted) rod over the top for a classic layered look and excellent darkness.


For this, can we just say, “Amen for the canvas-art trend!!”. Heavy glass framed art is a gorgeous choice for your “grown up” rooms, but crazy things happen in the nursery. One minute you’re admiring your adorable little one and then next, you’ve stepped on a Lego, launched across the room and knocked the art off the wall (actually happened to me). Not to mention, earthquakes happen and kids climb all the furniture and knock all things down. Keep the baby room art light weight enough that if they knock it onto themselves, it won’t cause lasting damage. Another great option here that is 100% safe (if you use nontoxic paint) is a beautiful mural. Don’t have that level of art skill? There are tons of free printable templates you can print from home (or office, we won’t tell) and use as a stencil.

Cute mural! But WOAH… Crib decor, pillow, blanket ladder and stools NOT SAFE!

As for shelves with cute things on them – picture toddler Spiderman trying to climb them – are they truly out of reach? Are they stable enough? If not, only put things on them that won’t hurt for baby to pull off onto their adorable troublemaking noggins.

Now, can anyone spot the safety risks in the header photo (hint, there are 2). Want some help getting your registry or nursery put together safely, stylishly and functionally? We got you! Send us a message for a quote today. Happy parenting!

This post contains a few affiliate links that help you find the products we’re talking about. We may receive a tiny amount of money from use of these links, but it does not sway our recommendations nor is this a paid ad.


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