At Home Spa Day for the New Parent

July 30, 2019

Happy International Day of Friendship! In honor of the day, we wanted to give some advice on how to be an amazing friend and spoil a new parent.

The transition from expecting, to being a new parent of a baby outside the womb is one of the absolute craziest life changes a human can experience. As a pregnant woman, one day, you’re the object of everyone’s attention, being helped and fawned over by friends and strangers alike, basking in the roundness of your big belly. The next thing you know, all the attention is on the new little miracle and you’re left in the shadows with your deflated-balloon tummy and under-eye bags for days.

If the family is set up with the basic necessities to survive those first couple months (registry items, meals, diapers, etc.), consider going above and beyond the basic call of friend-duty. Set up an “at home spa” experience for them. They’ll go from surviving to feeling spoiled and loved as much as the adorable little being just birthed. 

The Spa Treatment

New parents obviously won’t likely get to go to an actual spa for a while after birth. They will be on the feed-change-rock schedule of newborn life. Set up a time that you can go over and hold the baby for them so they can shower or better yet soak in a bath. Bring a gift basket with some extra-special pampering treats like these and help melt the stress away!

At Home Facial

Help them look a less tired than they are with some great sheet masks. Put at least 2 so she can use one now and one later. Go simple with a variety pack from Target or deluxe from Sephora – no matter what, these pamper and then can be tossed in the trash. 


Humans have powerful connections between scents and emotions – one of the fastest ways to calm down is through changing the smells around you. Scented bath salts will upgrade the bath experience. If they are shower-lovers, essential oils can be dripped on the wall and will activate when the steam hits them. 

A well-placed candle or diffuser also has the power to make a room feel clean and fresh even when it’s nothing close to that. The Baies Dyptique candle makes any space smell like a beautiful garden, even when you haven’t cleaned. The Noodle and Boo diffuser is subtle enough for the nursery, and sweet enough to make you have all the oxytocin (the bonding hormone) release.


Same goes for skin! A non-toxic, yummy smelling lotion or body oil can make you feel refreshed even if you just used a baby wipe in lieu of showering. Get their favorite if you know it, or try something new. Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse can be used on every outside part of your body – face, hair, and body – making it super easy to slap some on when you’re jumping out of a super quick shower and smells like you just went to Paris and spent the day in a fancy boutique. 

Good Dry Shampoo

Showers can be few and far between.  Let alone showers long enough to wash one’s hair. A premium dry shampoo can bridge the gap! Try  R+Co Death Valley Dry Shampoo or Living Proof Perfect Hair Day , our favorites.

 Excellent Lip Balm

When you’re trying to keep hydrated for two, your lips can get super chapped in an instant. Treat them to a great balm or two. We love it Cosmetics je ne sais quoi Color Awakening Balm in ‘your perfect pink’. It starts out clear but changes to the perfect rosy tint to complement you once it’s on. And Smith’s Rosebud salve is a classic, but the tin can be hard to open one-handed, go with the tube trio! Both are non-toxic so you won’t have to worry about smooching baby. 

The Fancy Baby Lotion

Babies, especially newborn babies, smell amazing. Their sweet fuzzy heads and little toes… Oh! Too. Much. Sweetness.

However, babies have their share of smelly moments too. (If the phrase “baby blowout” means nothing to you, take our word for it.) Here are some of our favorite, fancy,  “sweet-baby-smell” lotions that are safe and wonderful for newborn skin and effective enough for a new mom’s chapped hands (you wash your hands A LOT with a new baby).

Noodle and Boo Super Soft Lotion is the sweetest smelling, and most effective baby lotion we know of! Its darling packaging looks great on the shelf too. We also love the California Baby line. The everyday lotion, overtired and cranky, and calendula cream are also divine.

You might have to insist.

It can be hard for a new parent to break away from their sweet babe for even a little bit of time. Reassure them baby is ok, and then shoo them back out to take care of themselves. Schedule a separate time for “visiting” if you need to. Remember, you get bonus points if you can manage to feed them, fold some laundry or do dishes while they’re being pampered!

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