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July 16, 2019

You know all those people who say, “It takes a village to raise a child.”? Well, turns out they’re right! The problem is, most of us don’t live in ‘villages’ these days. We live in cities or suburbs or maybe on idyllic hobby farms close to cultural centers (my personal dream). Over a third of people wind up living somewhere that is not their childhood home town (1). Many of us have few or no family members within a short drive. A child-raising village is no longer the norm.


Beyond that, starting a family has become exponentially more complicated since your parents or aunties or even older siblings had children. There are dozens of prenatal vitamins on the shelves, a whole aisle of car seats to choose from, maternity leave to manage, and don’t even get me started on the plethora of strollers out there! The advice comes at us from all angles these days. You’ll hear one thing from your best friend – but then another friend says her doc told her the opposite. You decide to double check with your cousin who has 4 kids and get yet another answer. So you jump on Google to get an answer and 3 hours later you’re now paranoid about 17 other things you didn’t even know to be worried about when you started. Sound familiar?? 




A lot of the available advice is generalized and may not apply to you as an individual. A lot of people aren’t well read on the latest research. Blogs can make opinions sound like facts. Health care providers don’t always have the time to hear what’s going on and fully explain every detail to each patient, and they sure don’t have a ton of time to discuss the benefits of the UppaBaby versus the Bob stroller (and if they do, tell me where they work because I want that job!). It can feel impossible to find the information that’s right for YOU. Research shows that poor support in pregnancy leads to higher rates of postpartum depression, low birthweight babies and other complications (2, 3). Getting the right help matters.


We know how that feels. We’ve been there and decided there should be a better way for people to get guidance during this momentous life transition. 


So, imagine now if you had a go-to expert who could tailor alllll that advice to what’s relevant for your particular needs. Someone who knew your style, your worries, your healthcare situation and could distill the oceans of advice to a manageable trickle. Enter, Village. We are a team including a family physician who specializes in perinatal health care and has 3 kids of her own and a stylish, CEO boss-babe with another 3 kids under her belt. We have access to doulas, lactation consultants, night nurses, personal trainers, interior decorators, event planners and all the other experts to get the answers you need as efficiently as possible. Sound better?




We are here to fill in the gaps of support and make your parenting adventure as stress-free and joy-filled as possible. This is one of the most incredible transitions in life – would you rather spend it worried, desperately searching for answers on your own or enjoying each stage knowing the details are set? It Takes a Village – We Want To Be Yours. 

1 Chang, Alvin. Those who leave home, and those who stay: How we’re sorted into these groups.  https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2017/6/15/15757708/hometown-stay-leave
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