Becoming a Parent is hard,
help is here. 

From trying to conceive through the blissful exhaustion of newborn days, we are here for you. We will customize advice and support to save you stress so that you can enjoy the miracle of becoming a parent.

It Takes a Village. We will be yours.

Having a baby is more than a few doctor appointments.
Consider us your trusted guide through the journey of pregnancy, birth and babyhood.

Personalized Support For Your Parenthood


"As pregnant women, we all prepare for a first-time birth by taking classes, reading countless books or engaging the services of doula - why not enlist the services of Dr. Annie Ray and her team to guide you through a personal journey of baby prep?"


“Village is an incredible resource for myself and my family. Dr. Ray's parenting experiences and medical knowledge has been invaluable for us. She has been my trusted advisor for all things baby: fertility, pregnancy, post-partum, and now raising two rambunctious toddlers."


“What a great experience I had with Village! When I was pregnant with my first baby I was a little lost about what to put on my registry but they knew exactly what was useful and what was a waste of money. "


“As a new mommy, my questions have been endless. The people at Village are always there, anytime of day - no matter how silly my thought, fear, question, with a whole hearted answer and explanation."


 “Babies don’t come with instruction manuals and neither does motherhood. Moms need resources created by Moms that can guide them to cost-effectively select products that ensure they are creating a safe, healthy and thriving environment for their minis."